New Petrol Filling Station in Warton







EV Charging

We are currently installing charging units at various commercial, retail, and domestic sites (see gallery).  







Bentley crewe

Bentley Motors in Crewe

Various works being carried out in association with fuelling facilities.









Various Debenhams Stores

Small referbishment works taking place at various debenhams stores nationwide. 








co-op 01

Various Co-op Stores Nationwide

Mutiple store referbishments are taking place in various stores nationwide.
Many of these stores are to have LED lighting to the sales area, complete with a dali controled system that is manufactured in house.
Fire alarms are to be installed or modified in each store.







Mains Distribution ChangesORMSPanel

We are currently involved in a program to install up to date distribution boards to existing sites, and upgrading their earthing systems  to comply with current guidelines.












news_strip2.png Meridian Exhibited at the APEA Awards 2017